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1What types of hardwood floors are best for pets?
Hardwood floors are bound to scratch and dent with excessive usage, this choice would be a good one if you have small pets, it may become a concern with larger pets that may cause damage to the floor. In this case, it might be good to consider alternative options that are more resistant to larger animals such as laminate or tile.
2What is better dark wood or light wood floors?
The perfect answer is that it all comes down to preference. In this case, the better choice is what suits the taste of the homeowner. There may be some decorative implications that could impact the decisions, for example, the room could be decorated with dark accents calling for a dark wood floor.
3Can you change the colour of hardwood flooring?
Yes, absolutely, when refinished hardwood floor you can stain the floor with a different colour. This will create a whole new look without having to change the floor completely.